Loot Crate

Loot Crate Review – July 2015

Loot Crate Review – July 2015

Theme: Heroes 2

Loot Crate
July 2015 Loot Crate – Heroes 2

Items Included:

  • Heroes 2 Themed Pin
  • DC Bombshell Poster of Wonder Woman
  • Zelda Sweatband
  • Batman “Batarang” multi-tool
  • Spock “Live long and prosper” Air Freshener
  • Regrettable Superheroes Loot Crate hardcover book
  • Batman ’66 Q-Pop figure with dry erase speech balloon
  • Character and full game version unlocks for Brawlhalla on PC or Mac
  • Loot Crate Magazine
Stuff You’ll Keep:

This months Loot Crate is solid overall with some really interesting items for Looters who love their superheroes. Batman fans will be happy to see 2 items making their way into the crate this month with a sweet Batarang shaped multi-tool that includes a bottle opener and two small screw drivers perfect for any utility belt or key chain! The Batman ’66 Q-Pop figure has a cool word bubble that acts similar to dry erase allowing you to make Batman say whatever you want him to say while he sits on your work desk or on your with your toy collection. Other cool items are a Spock air freshener in the “Vulcan Salute” shape as well as a “Regrettable Superheroes” hardcover book. Best Item – Batman multi-tool batarang

Stuff You’ll Give To Your Friends:

The DC Bombshell Poster is a cool mash-up, but not great in practice. Posters in Loot Crate are often times pretty ignorable, especially when they seem to always come in with damaged edges making them even harder to care about due to their quality. The Zelda sweatband is ‘ok’ for hardcore Zelda fans, but really is niche for people who wear sweatbands. Steam players may get enjoyment out of the unlocks for the Brawlhalla, but it’s not a game I’m going to run out and get if I don’t already play it. Worst Item – Brawlhalla game unlocks

Loot Crate
July 2015 – Heroes 2

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  1. You got a Ba… a Bam… a Bamarang?

    I heard that Nerd Block is a pretty cool alternative to Loot Chest, I might be signing up for that soon. This seems like a pretty decent Crate though!

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