VerbStomp is now

We’ve changed our name to Verb Stomp! You can now find us at!

Why the change?

Thank you to all of you who have been following along and reading our posts here at When I started, I wanted it to be for me and my own personal writing – a place to express my thoughts, opinions and make people laugh and or think. But it eventually struck me that in order to branch out and be more than just an online journal that the name would need to, while still remaining unique, be something broader and larger in scale than just my name with an excessive number of extra vowels.

Since I’ve refocused my interests toward the site and started to write again, I gained the attention of some really great friends who also have shared interests and passions who I’ve recruited to help me write and hopefully we will continue to grow the site and add more talented, funny, and interesting writers and their opinions to the roster! Dustin, Jarrod, Shane, and Maxym (if she ever writes that damn hype piece) are absolutely fantastic writers and will hopefully just be the tip of the personality iceberg to join the team. And with that, the site has grown beyond just being me and my thoughts and my desire to change the name resurfaced as I wanted something that didn’t just represent me, but was an idea that my peers could get behind and be proud to call their own.

So, why

Well when we heard the name, it clicked… like most good names do. In 2015, coming by a .com domain that isn’t taken, being resold for $1k or more, or about 30 characters long can be a frustrating and arduous process. By my own admission changing the name was something that I was very sensitive about being that was originally my site and the name remained as such largely because I couldn’t find something better that I really, truly liked.

Since Dustin, Jarrod, Shane and Maxym have joined, there has been a lot of brainstorming ideas for a new name after it was suggested that it was time to revisit a re-brand. After initial hesitation, the ideas began to flow… not all of which were stellar, but some were really, really close. With a long list of possible topics all stemming from the world of popular culture, we started there. Some names were closer than others to getting chosen. Others seemed like a right fit for where we wanted to go, but just didn’t seem to land well in one way or another. Much of this was me being overly picky if I’m being truthful. Some of the ideas we had were interesting for sure:,,, and were probably the closest with others being a bit further towards the back of the pack (to most of us).

Then, while speaking with Dustin over a text conversation he mentioned that an article we both enjoyed (which wasn’t one of our own shockingly) was the “verbal equivalent of a curb stomping” and it hit me. Verbal Stomping or It was short. It was a play on words. It was funny. It was clever. It was easy to spell and easy to pronounce. It was unique and represented what we want to do without beating you over the head (or dead horses, like which was also close… somehow). It was a fit. We liked it. We didn’t take a vote and we won’t be tallying yours. That’s as blunt a verb stomp as I’ve ever heard.

So what’s next for

Well, the name will still be around. It’s how you will reach me on most of the internet if you need me:

  • for email
  • @geeeoff on Twitter
  • @geeeoff on Instagram
  • geeeoff on Xbox Live

But what about The domain name still exists and I will likely put up a smaller, more personal site (potentially a blog) that will incorporate links to this site and others. More than likely some form of online business card, if you will. But and will be where most of my writing will be along with the writing of my favorite peers in the writing world.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to read this and who will continue to read along as we grow this site and add more content and podcasts for you to read and listen to!

Viva La Verb Stomp!


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