The Park is Open: Jurassic World Review


Much like the genetic scientists who attempted to recreate dinosaurs on screen, several filmmakers (including Spielberg himself) have been attempting to recreate the magic of Jurassic Park but have been unable to find the right DNA strands since the film’s debut in 1993. The first sequel, 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park and 2001’s less creatively titled Jurassic Park III, were received with generally mixed opinions from both critics and fans at the time of their respective releases and the qualities of both are debated even today. One thing they could agree on was this: the screenwriters (and Crichton, too – he doesn’t get out of this! He wrote The Lost World) were so preoccupied with whether or not they could make sequels they didn’t stop to think if they should.

The irony of how this franchise’s progress has mirrored the plot of the films is almost palpable: with each new film, the filmmakers have attempt to open the imaginations of the viewers by sending them back to this wonderful place with walking dinosaurs which only results in disaster! The same path could be an analogy for the results of each successive film in the franchise as each has been more of a disaster than the film before it, the filmmakers (like the designers of the park) never learning their lessons, and both sequels containing scenes or sequences loathed by fans, including:

He thinks he's people
He thinks he’s people

But now, we have Jurassic World. It’s a meta piece of pseudo remake/reboot, popcorn blockbuster movie-making that, for the most part, does what it intends to do:

  1. Be a solid, fun sequel and a soft reboot a gold mine of a franchise
  2. Satiate a rabid group of fans who have yet to see the sequel they feel they deserve
  3. Make garbage trucks full of money that the Universal executives are probably going to liquidize so that they can swim in it

The story and characters make many passing references (nothing direct) to the 1993 original without beating you over the head with them. While this can be disjointing at times, it makes for some entertaining moments (some played for laughs, others for serious business) giving fans those warm and fuzzy feelings they have been yearning to see for over 20 years. There are almost zero references to the second and third films of any kind, which can be good or bad depending on how you view those particular films. This means you can choose to debate the eternal argument of whether talking raptors are worse than gymnasts kicking raptors. Spoiler alert, they are.

As stated, it’s a soft reboot and borderline remake of the first film. The park opens up and is intending to impress new clients and investors, but while attempting to demonstrate some new attractions to said investors disaster strikes conveniently while the head of the park’s young relatives are visiting and are caught in the maelstrom of dino-danger. Sound familiar? It should, because its essentials¬† are almost identical to that of the first film. Throw in some timely updates, new characters, some new dinosaurs, and Chris Pratt (he’s so hot right now) and you have a movie that’s 1 parts sequel, 2 parts reboot, and 1 parts remake.

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12 thoughts on “The Park is Open: Jurassic World Review”

  1. I was a fan of the first one, but this sucked. I didnt find it entertaining at all…and I was hoping to love it! They need to let things be. Jurrasic Park was sufficient. The end.

      1. There didnt seem to be much of a story. I didnt find there to be much supsense either. The dinosaur got crazy and kicked all the other dino’s ass. Big money trying to keep it all going and with making bigger better mean dinosaurs. Boring to me. For Jurassic Park I went to the midnight showing downtown San Francisco and stood in a long line just to see it! Maybe I had too high of expectations? Maybe 20+ years later I simply like different movies as it seems I am in the minority.

  2. I must say that I’m still mad they haven’t done a crossover with AvP. How cool would it be to see Aliens, Predators, Humans and Dinosaurs duking it out!!!

    In space!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I wanted to see dinosaurs destroy things and that’s exactly what I got! I also appreciated the little bits of the original movie that they put in this one, like the shirt and the sign they used as a torch.

  4. SleezyMcBeezy

    This move was excellent. Pure entertainment. Does it make sense? No. Can I think about the mechanics and layout of the park too much? No. HOW CAN THAT GLOBE RIDE NOT FORCE PEOPLE TO RETURN TO BASE WHEN THERE IS AN EMERGENCY?@?!@#$ That aside, brain off… glorious.

  5. I dug it man. A whole fistful of nostalgia and some randomness thrown in. Setting reality aside (you know…other than a theme park filled with dinosaurs) I do agree that the little gyro ride would probably be much more regulated…cause…kids are assholes and would run those beasts into some dinosaurs, make them angry, and then dead kids. But whatevs…again I wanted a raptor and a t-rex after reacting like a giant child through the entire movie. Definitely a fan.

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