Spiral Out… Keep Growing

Well, a lot has changed. I’m currently floating in this purgatory like state in my life, but I’m hoping I can use these changes to evolve. These changes were my choice, I acknowledge and accept that. In no way do I claim to be disappointed with the outcome or wish I made a different choice.

I am, however, saddened that the ultimate happiness has to be postponed. I know that one day I will be much, much happier. I can’t wait for those days to come. It is hard though, knowing that changes are in front of me and that I must simply be “patient.”

Patient. I hate that word and I hate that act. I’m impatient, and compulsive and I avoid it almost always if I can… So spending months sleeping on couches and waiting for my chances is going to be a true test of what little bit I have.

Funny how my favorite band seems to always have those old faithful tracks waiting for me when changes happen. Pushit, 46 & 2, and Lateralus all seem to represent this time of growth, change and my feelings toward my ended relationship to an exact and almost eerie way.

Take a listen, if you can. I think you’ll find you can be more at peace with where I am, as I have, with these songs.

Thanks for reading.

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