So, Alicia Introduced Me To Keyboard Cat, and I lol’d

I consider myself to be a child of the internets. Having grown up in the YouTube era, I’ve seen a lot of both intentionally and unintentionally funny videos. Some have made me chuckle, or let out a minor ‘ha’ from time to time, but some have left me literally rolling on the floor laughing. Like the Jewish break dancer who eats floor, or the little girl who takes a soccer ball to the face, there have been some real zingers.


Destroyed by Soccer Ball

But, none of which have made me laugh like two that I had seen on this day: keyboard cat, and a little girl getting up-ended by a break dancer. Please review:

Killed by Break Dancer

Keyboard Cat
Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat


I really don’t know which part about the keyboard cat video made me laugh, more. It could have been the fact that the cat hates itself for being subjected to the nonsense. It could also be the fact that the music is so catchy and cheesy. It MAY also even be The Redline that I injected during the viewing of the video. Either way, the video is FOR teh LULZ and I laughed very, very hard. I highly doubt any of my friends will laugh at it as much as I did, but, I still think it’s hilarious. I lol’d. I’d like to thank my roommate Alicia for showing me this amazing video and making me laugh. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Whew.

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