On Saturdays, We Suit Up- Like A Boss

While spending the day BBQ-ing, watching football, and eating tons a food, we decided to hit up Mill Avenue for a night of drinks. Taking a cue from Barney from HIMYM, we (the group from Drunkbrad.com, and our friends) decided to suit up before we hit Mill Avenue. We all went to Suite 301 and had some drinks, and enjoyed the view. We tried making some promos for Drunkbrad.com, but it ended up just becoming a potential gag-reel for the site because I kept laughing whenever Brad would take a drag of his cigarette for the promo. One plus side, was that we may have come up for a new slogan for the site: Drunkbrad.com: Don’t Be A Faggot!
We watched Mr. Drunkbrad himself drop his camera and, quite possibly his life. When the camera fell to the ground, a Black man standing near by made a comment causing Brad to nearly get in an altercation with the fellow.
“Yeah, thanks homes,” he drunkenly said to a 6’5″ Black, Ex-Army soldier who was missing his front teeth. This was going to end badly. Luckily, Panza subdued the ‘gentleman’ and he understood that Brad was drunk, and not a racist.
He is a racist, though. Evidence of this was shown when Brad challenged Sarah Porter, the only black person in our group at the time, to a dunk contest… God Damnit. So, we’re looking good. Hanging out. Enjoying the view at Suite 301 and enjoying some Heineken’s. And then it happened. Mill’s mentioned Christie’s, and Harrison lit up like a Christmas tree. Knowing I had never been to a strip club before, Harrison made it his goal to get me to go with. So, we were on our way to the club and Brad couldn’t navigate his way through the complex grid of the parking lot, let alone not yell ethnic slurs out the window of Sami’s convertible. So, Sami took Brad back to her place and we proceeded inside.

I was purchased my first 3 lap dances ever by my good friends Panza, Mills, and Harrison and I now realized why Harrison was more excited than a 3 year old at Lego Land.
“I love Strip clubs like girls love Disneyland,” said Harrison with a smile on his face like I had NEVER seen before. Quite amazing. Mills showed me the ropes of the stage where we laid ones out in front of a very attractive Korean girl who looked very smart (makes hand motion implying large breasts) and was very curvy. All in all, it was a great time that ended with suits, beer, breasts and best friends. Couldn’t have happened to a better group of guys. Great weekend, or greatest weekend?

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