New Segment: That’s Racist!

"Yeah, it's real..."

I spent a majority of last night not sleeping before finally dozing off for about two hours. My two hours were shaken when I woke up to the sudden need to rocket Yoohoo into my toilet. Lovely image, I know… wish you guys were there. Normally, I would have went right back to bed, but I still couldn’t sleep. Luckily, I needed to go to into the office to confirm my time card that I forgot to approve from the night before. Suddenly, I had some hours to kill. So, I went to Fry’s Electronics to see how I could get rid of that stuff that my work gives me every week. Browsing the XBOX games, I came across maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… it was a video game that I hadn’t ever heard of or read about on any website or in any magazine relating to video games. It’s called… get ready for this… BLACK COLLEGE FOOTBALL X… ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?
Now, here is the part where you would probably doubt me. Trust me, I wouldn’t believe this crap either unless it was staring at me with Doug Williams’s (yes, Super Bowl winning quarterback, Doug Williams) hand drawn eyes on the box art next to a black cheerleader and a black college band member. However, because I knew you would probably doubt this considering how ridiculous it is, I used the magic of technology to capture this pure unadulterated racism on my handy dandy G1… GO GO GADGET CAMERA PHONE:
Now, I know you fuckers still don’t believe me… because, to be honest, I really didn’t believe it either. So, I took a close-up shot of the title and you can clearly see the tag from Fry’s as well to validate that this definitely wasn’t shoop da whooped.

Needless to say, I was completely stunned at how awful, funny, and awfully funny this game is. I probably should have purchased it out of sheer shock alone just to show my friends and to see if the game got any more racist than the title and box art, but I refrained. I took my pictures and walked away, still not sure if I had really seen what I thought I saw. First of all, what in the world would make someone as respected as Doug Williams attach his name, likeness, and even signature to this tripe? Maybe I’m over reacting, but I can imagine that a title like Black College Football doesn’t feature many white players (if any) I’ve never played WCFX, I guess they just call that NCAA Football 10? I didn’t know we still dealt with segregation in this world, but maybe I’m just retarded… thoughts?