Netflix Is Amazing

Recently, I was gifted a Netflix account from my good friends, Goat and Alicia for Christmas. I have frequently been enjoying the fruits of this amazing gift. Seriously, I didn’t know that I would LOVE Netflix this much. I mean, I knew I would love it, but I’m seriously addicted. For cereal.
So far, on the instant Que, I’ve watched Last Action Hero, Mrs. Doubtfire, Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion, Louis C.K.: Chewed Up, and the amazing Starship Troopers with many more delicious nuggets of film and comedy to come my way.
For the mail in Que, I’ve already received my first movie. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. There’s a lot of movies out there like Emily Rose that I’ve wanted to see, but I was just too lazy to go see in theater or even rent. That’s right, folks… I AM TOO LAZY TO GO SIT IN A THEATER, OR TO DRIVE TO BLOCKBUSTER, WHICH IS CONVENIENTLY LOCATED RIGHT BY MY HOUSE. Do you guys get it? I’m lazy? Was that not painfully obvious?
So, now that movies can be brought to me via THE MAIL and the farthest I have to go to get them is my mailbox (which, most of the time, the items in said mailbox are brought to the counter top of my home) I can more easily watch movies that I was slightly interested in seeing.

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