Mostly For Teh Lulz, Mostly

So, blogging isn’t a new adventure for me. I’ve dabbled in the world of blogging through MySpace, and Facebook, respectively. However, since starting my new job, I’ve had to learn a lot more about what’s out there online for people to play with as far is website builders, domains, and blogs. Having been given an account to check out many of these tools, I’ve become more and more intrigued with what’s out there and decided it was time for me to have my own personal account with which I can do and say what I want without any reprocussions. Also, now I can see what it feels like from a customers point of view. So, it’s win-win.

I posted the above picture for a few reasons: Firstly, to test adding a picture. Secondly, I think Lucy Pinder needs to be my wife. Thirdly, because I really think Lucy Pinder needs to be my wife. A bold statement, considering the average Halloween party only allows for me to unknowingly zero in on one of two possible lesbians and chat her up for thirty minutes before she mentions her ex by using the pronoun “she.” You know those moments in life when you do a mental facepalm? That was one of them.

So, before this becomes a totally worthless rant, I’m going to end this first entry at the most random point possible with the promise of more to come. Please, keep reading, and I’ll keep posting. Thank you for checking this out.

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