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What I Need This Weekend…

I really, really, really need to see The Eagles win this weekend. I need them to beat Dallas for me to stay afloat mentally for the remainder of 2010. I don’t need The Eagles to win a Super Bowl. I just need them to beat Dallas. I can haz this one wish?

You’ll Never See Me Again

So, my good friends Alicia and Goat bought me a Netflix subscription. And, I think I’m pretty much guaranteed never to come out of my room. I’m watching Last Action Hero… that’s all you need to know. That is all.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I think anyone who knows me well enough, knows how I feel about the Dallas Cowboys. If you don’t already know, then you should ask around. This entry will be angry enough without my bias, unfiltered hatred. But, I will say this: my hatred for the …

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