The Return of Verbstomp

Coming Soon to your device

… and the start of new ventures?

Don’t call it a come-back! Verbstomp is back, but maybe not for long and, more accurately, maybe not quite in the same way we once existed before. We’ll be experimenting with new content, new looks, new writers, and even a new name. What do you get with all that dope inconsistency, you ask?

We want to accomplish a few things when we come back and want to do so with this mission statement: We want to bring you rich content that both pushes boundaries and challenges common points of view on movies, videogames, sports, and popular culture and do so in a fun, meaningful, and engaging way.

“What the hell is a verbstomp?”

Anyone who visited

Make no mistake – we want to have fun while we do it and we want to be engaged, as well. This time around we promise not to get as bored and to actually bring consistent work! That’s of course assuming that people continue to bring us good stuff to write about.

Stick around for more details as they come. We hope to have more information for you soon.

Love and hugs, geeeoff