Stuff Like This = Amazingsaucerytabernacle


There are reasons why nerds still exist. When was the last time you were able to walk down the street wearing your fanny pack, or your parachute pants, or your Jerry Curl and still be cool? You can’t. And that’s why nerds still exist. Not only is it cool to rock stuff that was cool 20 years ago, but it’s actually even more badass than the current stuff. Call it retro, whatever, it’s still amazing. Nerds are not only able to rock stuff that was cool 20 years ago, but they take stuff from 20 years ago, combine it with stuff from 15 years ago, and create even more badass stuff. It’s like duct taping a pair of Aviators to a Nintendo Gameboy… you know it’s kind of stupid looking, but somehow it looks like it would take your girlfriend to prom.

It's Like SF and SMB Had Horrible, Horrible Sex

I saw this shirt and these thoughts ran into my head: OMG… WANT!!! Now, I didn’t say it in my head like: Oh, My God, I want that! I said it exactly the way it was spelled out… OMG…WANT… which is, to say, like a retard, or an 11 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, which is to say retarded. I instantly bought this shirt. Seriously, how could you expect me not to? I’m not going to even waste a single sentence explaining what this shirt is, means, or is about, because to do so ruins its integrity and amazingness. If you don’t know what this shirt is or why it’s amazing, you probably are on the wrong blog. Please be directed here: CLICKmeNAO