BOOM! Studios to License Power Rangers Series

BOOM! Studios (“Sleepy Hollow,” “Sons of Anarchy,”) announced that they have acquired a license to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise and will be releasing a new comic book series, set to debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with their first 6 issues!

The series will be focused on the original rangers (Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, Zack and Tommy) from the series debut season in 1993 and the folks at BOOM! have hinted at expanding on the mythology with a new story. BOOM! Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon stated the following about the new comic series: We can’t give too much away just yet, but the story we’re kicking off with is vast in scope. Fans of BOOM! know we treat the existing properties we collaborate on with a focus on authenticity and quality. That’s the same sensibility we’re applying here.”

The new series has been teased with slow releases of the first 6 covers which will be released at the BOOM! booth at SDCC 2015. Check out below for the Red Ranger and Green Ranger covers, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly/Google Images. The images pay incredible homage to the detail of the look of the characters and contain an amazing detail in the visors that fans of the series will love!

No word yet on if this new comic series will be tied to the upcoming film reboot set to be released sometime in 2017, but it seems that MMPR has resurfaced almost 22 years later to take back the planet from Rita!

Go Green Ranger, Go!
Go Green Ranger, Go!
Jason... Not Rocky...
Jason… Not Rocky…